3 Beacons Pkg 3

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3 Beacon Package #3 (Included are 50 QR codes for your business) & $250 monthly service charge.

What you pay for 1st month:

$69 (for beacon equipment) + $250 1st month service charge

After Initial purchase your monthly service:

$250 monthly service charge

Our beacons can be used for both Android and Apple IOS capable products.

Beacon Specification:

Battery Life - 2 years

Range - 70 meters

Thickness - 17mm

iBeacon or
Eddystone - Broadcast 1 at a time

Additional Packets - Connectivity & Telemetry

Built-In Sensors - Motion & Temperature (our other models include ambient light, magnetometer, pressure)

Indoor Location - NA  (our other models includes automapping, manual mapping, tracking nearables)

Additional Tech - Programmable NFC


Monthly $250 Service Charge Includes: