Where Do You NOT Take Your Smart Phone?

This is 2018 and you would be hard pressed to find a person without a smart phone device. And the number of cell phone users worldwide has risen continually. We have them in our hands, take them with us everywhere, even in the bed room and in the bathroom. 

When looking at smartphone owners by age, penetration is highest among Millennials aged 18-24, 98% of whom own smartphones. Millennials aged 25-34 are right on their heels, with a 97% ownership rate, followed by Gen Xers aged 35-44 at 96%, making smartphones nearly seen and taken everywhere.

Are you old enough to remember your phone as being a piece of furniture? Like “the fridge” or “the couch”, two other items you also wouldn’t carry around in your pocket.

Most mobile phone users are constantly checking emails and social media, or playing games, downloadable audio books and more.

While multicultural consumers have the highest smartphone ownership, Asian-Americans take the lead (95%). African-Americans had the second-highest smartphone penetration at 93%, followed by Hispanics with a 90% penetration rate.

When it comes to apps, the top three smartphone apps by average active reach percent among adults 18+ in third-quarter 2016 were Facebook, Facebook Messenger and YouTube.

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