Mobile Proximity Beacon Uses For Automotive Marketing

Auto dealers want to maximize their sales, especially if they are suffering from anemic sales, or need a hot campaign to save the month. It is important to general managers of the auto dealership to make the numbers.

Many car dealers prefer to advertise the traditional way -- radio, TV, direct-mail fliers and even the occasional full-page ad in the local daily newspaper. They like the human touch. They are pleased with the results. And like many things in the auto industry that are not always easy to explain, it just feels right to them and their focus is:

  • Moving Inventory
  • Increasing Service Numbers

Automotive store managers and owners can now use mobile marketing to expand sales and awareness for their brands easily. With major advances in Bluetooth beacon technology and pewresearch now states that 77% of American cell phone users now have smart phones, a whole new set of possibilities emerge for mobile device digital marketing for local automotive business owners: linking physical store promotions with mobile ready content will allow for a completely new experience and a deeper level of understanding about your customers or shoppers.

  • Sell more cars & accessories
  • Announce promotions and deals
  • Engage new and existing customers
  • Build positive customer relationships
  • Grow your target contact database

The attraction to digital marketing is that it is measurable. And there's no way to measure the success of a radio ad. Because you can't measure it, you also can't say that it wasn't effective. Maybe it was. Maybe it worked.

Car dealers are beginning to find ways to build brand identities in the digital world as it grows. After all the goals are to get people to come in to the dealership. When they get there, treat them right and do what you promised them in your ads. Beacons can help dealers with the all important relationship building and people still want that personal connection with a trusted adviser. Beacons can help you accomplish this all through mobile.

In a time when people are getting more and more turned off by the pushy-salesman tactics of many car dealerships, what better way to attract customers than by declaring, in the most obvious way possible, that your business is different through beacon proximity marketing. 

What are beacons?

Beacons are tiny radio transmitters that signal smartphones and tablets of their existence. The signals then can be used to engage shoppers through their smartphones to provide interaction features or extra information about products or promotions.

Beacons do not require a lot of energy and can typically run from a single battery for up to 2 years.

Beacon Proximity Marketing helps dealerships unique branding with your customers directly through mobile devices your new customers already own.  

Having Inventory is important, your sales staff is important, with beacons you can leverage both with custom marketing messaging:

  • Have beacons give benefits and features of model directly to mobile
  • Have a sales agent do a video which goes directly to mobile
  • Cost caparisons of other similar models on the lot

Most dealers stated increasing the volume of their leads was their #1 priority. This year, improving conversion was #1 — by a long shot in this special report 


Digital marketing is essential to reaching these goals, as correlation with improved sales and ROI. You have to commit the dollars for advertising.

Proximity beacons can also help with your inbound or outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing represents the marketing efforts that attract people to a dealer’s website or store. This includes showing up on Google, blogs, social media, and other efforts that are created for people looking for information.

Outbound marketing represents the interruptions that attempt to place information in front of a potential customer, even if they are not expecting it or looking for it. This includes traditional ads in the newspaper, radio and TV ads, and even online ads like Google AdWords.

Service Managers

Service and parts account for about 44 percent of their profit, according to the NADA. Get those service customers in with mobile coupon offers.


You want customers to default to you as a brand of choice because they know you and they like what they see. If all else is equal, it's not the car, but it's you and your automotive service team they want to do business with.


Nothing beats that.
Want more beacon marketing tips like these? Stay tuned to hear more. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always available to answer your questions through calls, emails or social media or contact us directly.

How Beacon Marketing Helps Store Owners Profit