Three Major Marketing Tools You’re Probably NOT Using

In this day and age, having a great product or service isn’t enough to own your market space. Marketing has changed, and in order to stay out in front of the competition, a few new tools are necessary. Don’t worry, we gotcha covered!

First, just three words you need to remember: Bluetooth Beacon Technology. Another name for this is proximity marketing. 95% of U.S. companies aren’t utilizing this, and most have never heard of it, so no worries---we got to you just in time!  We provide you with small transmitters that will send a message to any phone in range----typically 130 to 230 feet radius. An 80 to 90 character message is, which also includes a logo or graphic of your choosing, a grabber headline, and a link. The link can be for anything you wish---your website, a YouTube video, a landing page for a special offer, a map for directions to your shop, phone or email so they can contact you----wherever you want to send them, that’s where we send them. This message will go to all android and iPhones that have their Bluetooth turned on…’ll reach thousands of people 24/7/365. PLUS----we also capture the analytics----and you can see exactly what is working and what isn’t---this is extremely important.

Second, something you probably know about but didn’t know it was making a HUGE comeback. QR codes. They came and went 5 or 6 years ago----and now that Apple Inc, the largest company in the world, has seen the trend change course and come back with a vengeance, they made every iPhone’s camera a QR Code scanner----android phones will surely follow suit quickly, but downloading a free QR code scanner app takes all of 30 seconds. We create custom QR codes for our clients. The uses are endless…and having creative marketing uses of them will engage your customers and draw new ones to your door. Our team will help you utilize this tool in the optimal way, depending on your specific business.

Third is something you may already have, but are probably not utilizing this marketing tool to it’s fullest potential. Free guest WIFI. You may offer your customers, clients, members, guests free WIFI---but we will show you how to turn this into a data capturing machine. This also increases your SEO (your search engine placement---pushing towards that never-ending goal of the Google number one spot! The beacons do this too…it’s like a check-in to your business every time a person clicks through) We’ll build your contact database, such as email and cellphone and name---we also set up instant messaging so when a customer comes in again, we say ‘hello, welcome back, we missed you, here’s a coupon’, or whatever you want to tell them…this is awesome for customer retention…and it’s something simple to do (for us) but has a big impact----people notice the little things, and appreciate them.

We can provide your business with all three of these marketing tools, and the back end analytics for a monthly charge that costs less than a ½ page advertisement in most local magazines….You can change your specials or beacon messages any time you want, check your back-end numbers any time and get custom QR codes as often as you like. Let’s get together so we can discuss creating a fresh new marketing program for 2018 that WORKS!

Triple Play Strategy "Beacon Technology - FREE WIFI - FREE Phone Charging"