The Physical Web & You! & Your Business

What Is the Physical Web & what Beacons do for business owners....?

"The beacon broadcast a URL that any device listening can see, and if they wish, visit."

Beacons accomplish this over a protocol called Eddystone (Google’s take) or iBeacon (Apple’s take) which both use BLE (“Bluetooth Low Energy”). Part of the beauty of BLE is these little physical web beacons can last years without recharging.

The way you find these URL’s varies by platform and browser. Chrome on both iOS and Android have ways to see them, in the notification screens on smra. I guess you could think of it as more useful than a QR code.


For example:

  1. Walk up to a parking meter and get send directly to the place you can pay.
  2. Walk into a hotel and get sent directly to a check in page, so you can skip the normal face-to-face process of checking in.
  3. Be sitting at a bus stop and be sent right to a site tracking the busses that serve that stop.

Let’s look at a videos on how to access in on your device, as it’s pretty interesting:

Android Physical Web Settings



Apple Physical Web Settings


If you are working in the events industry, festivals, concerts, conferences or trade shows.

You can send to the audience the schedule of the conference and updates directly to your audience with or without the use of event apps.


BeaconCrawl is the name given to a pub crawl based event that includes gamification via beacons. The event is like a traditional pub crawl, but with a twist. The Beacons will be used to provide hints and tips to participants. For example those on the crawl with the app installed will receive push notifications of secret venues, drinks specials and discount offers. Participants will also benefit from accomplishing certain tasks and be able to share photos via the official app with others involved in the crawl. The idea, is to encourage “localized social and customer engagement” with contextual marketing practices.

Speed up the bar tab payment process and offer contact less payment with mobile wallet apps.

Furthermore entice the crowd with offers while at your events with: 

  • Flexible content options including notifications, links to specialized pages, social media, Apple Passbook, phone, email, text messaging, video, photos, and more.

Want to know what aspects of your events people are enjoying the most?

  • Beacons offer a robust analytics suite including valuable “traffic heat maps” to track usage, message targeting, and revenue.

Nothing beats that.
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Update: at the end of 2017 Google has decided to not support the Physical web inside of chrome so for iOS products the best way to solve this issue is just to download "The Physical Web App" from the iOS app store and here is the icon.