Festivals & Concert Bluetooth Marketing To Music Fans

In the past year I've had the great fortune to participate as a vendor and spectator in musical festival events from EDC Mexico to Coachella in California with some of the best music and some of the best music fans you can find anywhere on earth who attend these events. EDC Las Vegas boast 300,000 fans during a 3 day event. Wow that is a lot of people and tremendous opportunity for marketing via mobile.

Nielsen now states that 77% of the U.S. population has a smart phone and they all the capability to receive offers. 70% percent of fans bring their mobile device to a stadium and use it during a concert or game, stadium owners will look to control the fan experience and entertainment, directly via smart phones. How you say.....? TWO WORDS. Contextual Marketing, what does that mean exactly?

50% of the messaging at highly trafficked areas directly increases sales and more than 40% of messaging at secondary site (away from the location) is effective at increasing sales.

80% of the population responds to on-site messaging stating that it influences their buying decision

Simply put, it means sharing your revenue generating products, services, content and delivering this in a seamless mobile-first experience to the end consumer or patron all via a mobile smart device. This will allow smart phone users to immerse and interact with your brand or product, resulting in higher revenue per patron.

How is this possible?

  • Bluetooth Proximity Beacon
  • WIFI Proximity Marketing


As 80,000 fans tap into the Wi-Fi and 4G networks, access services such as a virtual guide to your seats, watching replays during the live game, ordering food and drinks delivered to your seats, and even a guide to the closest bathroom with the shortest lines are offered.

As more venue property owners focus enhancing the in-venue experience becomes crucial while increasing their return on the investment to the bottom line.

There is a need in the market place to help business owners connect digitally with their customer to bring them to the owners physical locations through contextual marketing practices.

Music festival events continue to make money with selling fans event related swag such as hats, t-shirts, food and more. Music festival producers can use "bluetooth proximity marketing" to send music fans discounts, coupons and more right to their phones that can be immediately redeemed while there at the event.

WIFI is no longer a loss leader for event organizers, now you can collect user contact details (email, phone, or social profile) which can be used for ongoing marketing campaigns. You also can now sell stuff right over the WIFI network.

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Learn more about proximity marketing here : https://freephonecharging.com/blogs/news/proximity-beacon-marketing