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70 percent of fans bring their mobile device to a stadium and use it during a game, event directors will look to control the fan experience and entertainment, directly via smart phones.

We can help implement a next-generation mobile strategy by integrating "Proximity Marketing - FREE WIFI - FREE Phone Charging" to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising information, and other applications that innovate the guest experience resulting in higher revenue per patron.


We work with retail locations, shopping, dining, entertainment, sports entertainment venues, sports stadiums, leading festival, and destinations throughout North America.

FreePhoneCharging.com is a mobile technology company that helps shopping, dining, entertainment, and sports entertainment venues deliver innovative and personalized consumer experiences with mobile.

By integrating our Triple Play Strategy "Beacon Technology - FREE WIFI - FREE Phone Charging" to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising information, and other applications that innovate the guest experience. This empowers businesses to acquire, monetize and retain their patrons by maximizing their visitors brand engagement.



We saw a need in the market place to help business owners connect digitally with their customer to bring them to the owners physical locations through contextual marketing practices.

Simply put, FreePhoneCharging.com shares your revenue generating products, services, and content and delivers them in a seamless mobile-first experience
to the end consumer or patron. Our solutions allow users to immerse and interact with your brand or product, resulting in higher revenue per patron.

Our dynamic, mobile-first solutions, are interactive, social, experience-driven, and lifestyle-oriented.
We can connect various venue services, serve up personalized contextually-relevant content and services to users via their mobile devices.
By combining user self-identified preferences, behavioral analytics and location-detection sensors we enhance user experiences with targeted customer engagement.


  • Brand Content Sharing 
  • Location Detection
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Driveway to Driveway Planning
  • Ticketing
  • Loyalty And Rewards
  • Navigation - Wayfinding
  • Parking Payment Options
  • Safety & Security - Monitoring, Chat, Tips & Image Capture
  • Data & Analytics - Discover New Patrons, Identify Upsell Opportunities, Appeal to New and Existing Sponsors

Bluetooth Low Energy proximity beacons cover up to 230ft of area so you only need a few to get your marketing message out. You can purchase beacons for $25 and keep them updated for $25 under a monthly service agreement.

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