Charging Station Kiosk Rentals

Everyone these days has a mobile device, a smart phone, tablet and other items like e-cigs that require a charge. 77% of U.S. cell phone users have smartphone mobile devices and In most cases unless you have a portable charger in your back pocket, then you are out of luck if you need a charger. When you look at mobile devices especially when you are at a live venue enjoying some entertainment, you are taking video and photos to share them on social media. All of that social sharing uses lots of power. This is where our charging station rentals make lots of sense for your next event.

Rent mobile charging stations to power multiple iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices at trade shows, conferences and sporting events. Promote your brand and keep visitors engaged with the ability to charge up to 32 devices at once. Mobile charging stations are essential for long events with interactive content. So when you are ready for a charging station rental please contact

We help you delight guests at your event, keep them connected to your sponsors and business. We can engage your customers in a mobile relationship, and renting a mobile charging station is a proven way to do just that. rents more charging stations to more venues and events all over the United States. In 2018 we were at events such as the Western & Southern U.S. Open, Conferences and tradeshows. Event and venue managers recognize as the go-to solution for providing mobile charging stations at their facilities to their visitors who need power for all sorts of mobile devices. We work with dozens of event coordinators, meeting planners and show organizers, conferences, bar and venue owners, sporting event directors and more.

Our flexible options allow you to rent or own any of our mobile charging stations for a single event or need, lease for long-term needs, or purchase for permanent placement in your facility. Charging stations are the perfect option for:

  • Retail Areas
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Conferences
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Events and Parties
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Charitable Outreach
  • Races and Marathons
  • Outdoor Events
  • Tennis Tournaments
  • Large Sporting Events

 Our Table charging station delivers power and branding to create a premium experience. Create a convenient, collaborative atmosphere for guests and customers by providing a place for conversation, beverages, relaxation and of course charging.

We saw a need in the market place to help business owners connect digitally with their customer to bring them to the owners physical locations through contextual marketing practices.

Simply put, shares your revenue generating products, services, and content and delivers them in a seamless mobile-first experience to the end consumer or patron. Our solutions allow users to immerse and interact with your brand or product, resulting in higher revenue per patron.

Our dynamic, mobile-first solutions, are interactive, social, experience-driven, and lifestyle-oriented.

We can connect various venue services, serve up personalized contextually-relevant content and services to users via their mobile devices for experiential marketing activation at live events.

By combining user self-identified preferences, behavioral analytics and location-detection sensors we enhance user experiences with targeted customer engagement.


Digital Signage + Mobile Marketing

Digital Coupons are powerful yet easy-to-use features enable you to create fantastic mobile user experiences in minutes with our digital signage for your mobile marketing promotions! When you rent from us we Include a powerful array of coupon types including WYSIWYG Coupon Creator, Single Use Coupons. Digital Coupons are great for Making Engaging Mobile Marketing Promotional Campaigns for Digital Advertisers, Agencies & Business Owners.

QR codes are now used to pay for almost anything. Now with our advanced ground-breaking yet simple mobile marketing dashboard to-utilize powerful features to make QR code mobile marketing promotional campaigns in minutes!

Our what you see is what you get online dashboard creator allows you to create your own custom digital promotions, gather contact information with full Reporting and Analytics.

Our features include, SMS and Email mix, Single Use Coupons, Timed Coupons, Gamified Coupons, Flexible Barcode & QR Code Formats.

Advanced coupons empower event managers and brands to gather more precise data on their customers, enabling a deep comprehension of their clients and the possibility to build an immediate relationship via mobile. Our advanced analytics give live reports about the digital promotional coupons. You can track your mobile advertising campaigns in real-time and export data to Excel for further review. The digital dashboard allows you to use Zapier or API's to pull the data and setup Mobile Marketing Automation and CRM integration.

Why Use Digital Coupons Builder For Your Business?

  • 4 out of 5 use their smartphones
  • Build digital databases
  • Higher redemption rates
  • Trackable detailed statistics

These mobile promotions you build with our platform help you gather information and build marketing list. You can program a claim action, this action consumers must complete before they can claim the coupon.

Claim the Coupon

 We offer the following claim actions for mobile coupons:

  1.     SMS text
  2.     Email
  3.     Complete a survey
  4.     Share coupon on Facebook
  5.     Enter a promotional code
  6.     Install an app
  7.     Watch a video
  8.     Make a payment
  9.     Enter personal data + Make a payment
  10.     Watch a video + Enter personal data
  11.     Watch a video + Make a payment

Easy Coupon Validation

And we make it easy for you or your staff to validate these mobile coupon promotions.

  • Unique validation code
  •  Bar code
  •  QR code

So for your next charging station rental, don’t just settle for the ordinary and let us help your charge & promote by combining Digital Signage + Mobile Marketing + Charging stations for your next event. can assist you with your mobile experiential marketing initiatives with our mobile phone charging station rental solutions. Find out more today and call 941.254.2752 or email: