Best Trade Show Use of Proximity Beacons

There are many ways for trade show companies to leverage proximity beacons for use outside of marketing goods and services. Here are just a few to consider.

  1. Let employees be aware of each other’s location.
  2. Better networking at conferences and events using beacons for location and info.
  3. Conference/meeting rooms – broadcast the room’s schedules, free/busy status, link to calendar. It can also broadcast important meeting information or the meeting agenda to people in the room.
  4. Deliver slides after a presentation using a beacon. Nothing beats that.

The  CrowdCompass by Cvent and the Event Marketing Institute have developed this unique study to quantify how event producers are using and would like to use mobile app technology and services. They discovered that leading event producers and corporate meeting planners expect to realize dramatic printing cost savings by using mobile event apps by 2017. The chart below shows the average expected print cost savings among the top 10%, 20% and 25% of respondents in 2017. Specifi cally, the fi ndings show that 25% of the industry expect to reduce their total printing cost by 65% via apps within two years and an elite 10% expect to save a very significant 84%. A number of top companies expect to completely eliminate their printing needs by using apps over the next few years

The study covers best practices, benchmarks and opportunities. This report also provides:

• Percentage of events with apps currently and expected in 2016

• Mobile event app budgets and growth outlook

• Value to attendees and usage benchmarks

• Value to sponsors

• App features important today and those expected to be even more important in 2016

Leading events and meetings are already seeing very high levels of mobile device usage by their attendees. Among the top 10% of respondents in terms of current attendee app usage, the average attendance base percentage using their app is 85%, and this is expected to increase to 94% of attendees – again according to the top 10% of events reporting in this area – in 2016.

The survey asked for write-in, open-ended responses to this question: How does your mobile app enhance the event brand now? Some of the key responses include:

• “Aligns with our leadership position.”

• “All show information in the palm of your hand.”

• “Easy access to schedule and other information before, during, and after conference.”

• “Helps with sustainability and carbon footprint of the meeting.”

• “Improves brand image as technically relevant, looking for ways to improve the attendee experience.”

• “It enables interaction between attendees and our brand, as well as attendee-to- exhibitor and attendee-to-attendee.”

• “It helps the attendee plan and execute their plan for the event.”

• “It moves us to a more sophisticated position in the marketplace.”

• “Makes it easier for participants to connect with one another.”

• “Makes it more prominent to all sponsors, vendors and delegates.”

• “Makes it more relevant to a younger demographic.”

• “Provides clear and easily accessible information. Our last app included some very beneficial networking functionality, and making connections is a big selling point of our events.”

• “Provides consistent branding option that builds attendance, knowledge and enthusiasm about the show.”

• “We went through a branding change in 2014 and it significantly enhanced that change at our National conference.

What Is The Cost?

According to the survey respondents. Twenty-seven percent of the respondents invested between $5,001 and $10,000 and a total of 44% invested more than $10,000 for their event apps. Most event organizers do not realize they can have the same outcome with proximity beacons WITH OUT USING APPS to deliver a quality user experience at their events for a fraction of what apps cost to create and maintain on the App Store or the Android App Store. Mobile apps can be expensive to initially design and develop, but many app owners forget to consider the ongoing maintenance costs of mobile applications. These costs vary from app to app and can play a meaningful role in your app’s overall profitability. For that reason, you would be wise to carefully consider them before getting started with your new mobile even app.

Bluetooth Low Energy proximity beacons cover up to 230ft of area so you only need a few to get your marketing message out. You can purchase beacons for $25 and keep them updated for $25 under a monthly service agreement.

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