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We implement our fully-customizable digital signage charging stations & mobile technology that helps shopping, dining, trade show, entertainment, and sports entertainment venues deliver innovative and personalized consumer experiences with mobile.

Consumers love that they never have to worry about a dead phone battery. Clients love that customers who charge shop longer and spend more.

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FreePhoneCharging creates additional engagement & revenue for your company.

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Advertise Your Brand

Let's place your advertising in front of the people you want to reach.

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Digital Signage

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers.


Digital Coupon Marketing

Build digital databases, get higher redemption rates & track analytics.


Beacon Proximity Marketing

Our Beacons deliver notifications, offers, loyalty incentives, product videos, social media connections, and more.


Free WiFi Marketing

 You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers effectively with WiFi.

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Customers Love Digital Coupons

65% of shoppers make buying decisions based on coupons, while 94% say that’s the most important offer at a business.

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